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Information for Architects

Brad Cross Watershapes works closely with architects to bring an outstanding pool and landscape design to your project. Our work complements the indoor living space, and naturally extends it outside.

Beautiful pools are born of

seamless collaboration.

We’ve been working with premiere architects for over 15 years.


We believe strong relationships produce stronger work. When a relationship is underpinned with trust, open communication, and respect – not to mention years of skill and expertise – the results are stunning. We have an impressive track record of working closely and effectively with architects because our approach is genuinely collaborative. Your vision becomes our vision, and your goals our goals.

We share your passion for creating a stunning product. Provide us with high-level, brushstroke ideas, and know that we’ll add the necessary definition to them. We’ll help elevate them – which in turn elevates the entire property experience. We not only add depth and dimension to your plans – we’ll help turn great thinking into actionable plans. Part of the expertise we add is to ask insightful questions about your included water elements. Often, our informed opinions will directly lead to refinements in the design that couldn’t have been predicted otherwise.


So bring on the unsolvable challenge. Your work can be more creative when the executional know-how to make it happen is on your team. We’re problem solvers. So challenge us. Include a never-before-seen water feature for your client. And depend on us to make it happen. We’re in it with you, all the way.

Lean on us to add dimension,

depth and detail.

Our pool and landscape designs offer ideas and solutions that augment your vision, and even solve challenges you may not have realized could be solved so elegantly. We’re a proactive partner, bringing expertise to the table that adds design muscle to your plans. Let’s create something stunning together.

Creative designs and unique features

We can’t help but be proud of the calibre of features that we can create for our clients. To be frank, most pool builders in the region simply don’t have the knowledge or skills to do some of the things we’ve been doing for years. Vanishing edges, perimeter overflows, complicated mechanical systems – these kinds of outstanding expectations are almost run of the mill for us. So don’t limit your thinking. We don’t limit ours.

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Technology and Innovation

The latest technology and the most innovative pool solutions – these are what motivate us to go above and beyond. Automated systems, advanced energy efficiency, low maintenance systems, sustainable designs, and low chlorine systems simply make our projects better.

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Focusing on the details

The big picture is important. But when our client begins to use their pool space, the small details suddenly begin to matter in a big way. We go out of our way to create something that even the most critical eye can find no fault with. Whether it’s a glass tile pool designed to have zero cuts, or a simple detail to hide ugly plastic jets in the pool, we take the small details seriously.

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A well-considered process

The boldness of our designs might surprise you, but our design process is always predictable and precise. When you work with Brad Cross, you can expect a thoughtful and respectful experience – every step of the way.

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Our team

Brad Cross
Brad Cross


Brad Cross has been making waves in the pool business since 2004. Back then, no one thought Atlantic Canada could support more tailored, exacting, and extravagant pool work. But Brad saw the potential, and he continues to bring high-end pool and landscape design and construction methods to Atlantic Canada.

After graduating from St. FX with a business degree, Brad went to work formally in the family pool business. By this point, though, he’d already worked almost every role in the company, having been there since age 12. He quickly realized that what he wanted to do was run the company’s installation division. That’s when he noticed that Atlantic Canada was very short on high-quality pool suppliers. Everyone was offering the same standard pools, day-in, day-out, never striving to improve the designs, the personalization, or the quality. Brad knew he could do better, and offer better to his clients.

That’s when Brad discovered Genesis 3, a respected group of the best pool builders in the world. He started studying, and in 2019 became the fifth Canadian member of the elite Society of Watershape Designers. This Genesis 3 certification requires a minimum of 150 hours of coursework. He’s also one of the first members of the International Watershaping Institute, and reached the level of Verified Watershape Designer.

The folks in Genesis 3 are still shocked when Brad tells them where he lives – their members typically work in larger global centres. But Brad Cross’s work is now recognized throughout North America. So yes – you can count on him and his team to bring your vision to life – even better than you expected.


Sharon Bauder

Sharon Bauder

Born & raised in rural Ontario, in 2022 I moved east, settling just outside of Moncton, New Brunswick. 

With over 20 years of self-taught experience specializing in high-end swimming pool & landscape design and construction, I feel I bring a keen eye for the small details. Inspired by nature, I believe design elements should make you feel good just as much as look good.

With an enthusiastic and honest approach, I look forward to working with our clients to see their blank backyard canvases become an award-winning paradise.

Although there always seems to be a home DIY project on the go consuming most of my downtime, I love to explore the pristine backcountry by ATV with my daughters and husband.

Reminded of a quote I once heard, “Design is thinking made visual” – Saul Bass. I wish I could have drawn my bio instead of writing it.

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Please tell us a little about yourself, and what you’d like to have designed for your space. We’ll get in touch within a day or two.

Note that Brad Cross Watershapes specializes in beautiful, personalized, and luxurious pool and landscape projects with a total budget of $150,000 or more. We take on only about 20 design projects and 10 construction projects per year. So we can only respond to requests that meet our stringent project criteria.

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